A Network Has No Center


Commissioned for the exhibition, Terms & Conditions of Use which was curated by Sarah Higgins, at the CCS Bard/Hessel Museum in 2013, this work projects geometric shapes of varying speed, thickness, and color onto the corner of the white cube. The overlap with the two prints and reflection onto the floor are intentional. The images change every 60 seconds to preset modes which include: fast, faster, fastest, party time, and cracked out.

"A Network Has No Center addresses a tension between embodied agency and the illusion of agential action within digital space. Control in interactivity is externalized and formally abstracted. The images on Mylar: a special effects explosion from the making of the film Top Gun, and the gridded substructure and geopositioning icon of the Google Maps application point to where site, politics, and representation intersect with digital technologies." —Sarah Higgins



Created with Processing.