Produced for Episode 3 “Like Mining” of Do Not Track, the award-winning personalized documentary series about tracking and the web economy, Illuminus™ uses a fictional scenario of a corporation deciding your financial services to uncover real-life techniques of data analysis. The application first analyzes users’ Facebook data to build a character profile, revealing insights into how Facebook targets users and matches them to ad content. it then determines users’ Big Five personality traits to show how seemingly boring data can be used to determine behavior.

Finally, Illuminus™ uses this information to assess users' potential health and financial risk and concludes whether or not a user would be a good candidate for health insurance or a loan. While Illuminus™ is not a real company, the app is, employing research in psycho-demographic trait predictions developed at the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, as well as additional information published in the Journal of Risk Research. Use the app at




Creators: Owen Mundy, Tim Schwartz, Brett Gaylor, Christiane Miethge
Production: Eric Drier, Maxime Quintard, Nicolas Menet, Sébastien Brothier, Margaux Missika, Gregory Trowbridge, Richard Gutjahr, Auriane Meilhon
Development: Owen Mundy, Tim Schwartz, Raphael Arbuz
Predictions: The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, Dr Michal Kosinski, Vesselin Popov, Dr David Stillwell, Bartosz Kielczewski, Apply Magic Sauce API

Awards for Do Not Track