Listening Stations


An artistic/public-intervention concept developed in response to the proliferation of networked sensors in public and private spaces. Rather than produce the work alone I decided to initiate it as an assignment in my physical Computing course in the Digital studies at Davidson College. The idea draws on multiple histories and issues corresponding to the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) devices in our world including, 1) the deadly military provenance of networked sensors, 2) the nefarious origins of precious metals required to produce such devices, and 3) the plethora of security and privacy issues these machines introduce into our lives. The essay discusses these concerns to provide context, followed by the assignment prompt, and concludes with images and source code from student outcomes. Read the chapter here: Listening Stations: A Prompt to Examine the Histories of the Internet of Things in The Internet of Other People’s Things: Dealing with the pathologies of a digital world. Edited by Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle. 2019.