Tally Tracker Explorer

Tally Tracker Explorer demo (1:40)
A visualization depicting live and archived game data from tallysavestheinternet.com including player activity, achievements, and the trackers following them in real time.
Tally Saves the Internet is a browser extension that transforms the data that advertisers collect into a multiplayer game. Once the browser extension is installed, a friendly pink blob named Tally lives in the corner of your screen and warns you when companies translate your human experiences into free behavioral data. When Tally encounters “product monsters” (online trackers and their corresponding product marketing categories) you can capture them in a turn-based battle (e.g. “Pokémon style”) transforming the game into a progressive tracker blocker, where you earn the right to be let alone through this playful experience.
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More Information

  • Project documentation on Github
  • Project overview on NCSU Libraries
  • Project documentation on the Open Science Framework
  • Credits

    Created by Sneakaway Studio (Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy)

    Supported by NC State University Libraries Immersive Scholar team, including - Micah Vandegrift, Walt Gurley, Hannah Rainey, Scott Bailey, and Colin Keenan. We are particularly grateful for Joseph Dasilva's work as a studio assistant. His knowledge of Unity was invaluable.

    The music and sound effects were created by Drew Keefer and Siân Lewis.

    Tracker Explorer portrait