Your Art Here


Your Art Here was an artist group formed in 2002 by Shana Berger, Nathan Purath, Owen Mundy, and Alyssa Hill, that used billboards as public art spaces. The group began as an experiment to influence modes of art making, activism, and public expression.

Over the course of three years the group founded three artist-run community billboards in Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana, and realized numerous projects in collaboration with community members.

These projects included over 60 art billboards of which 20 different works were created in collaboration with students at schools in Indianapolis and Bloomington. The works addressed topics such as war, censorship, and gender equality, among others.

While the founders of the group dispersed in 2005, Your Art Here continued on as a non-profit arts organization and continues to work to reclaim visual spaces usually reserved for commercial messages.


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