Critical Web Design


The Social Impact Design (SID) project is the service learning component of my Critical Web Design course. It includes research, design, and code assignments guiding students towards completing a real project in collaboration with an organization that benefits their community. Activities will most often take the form of website redesigns, web-based visualizations, or web or mobile applications. We are primarily interested in working with two groups related to “internet”:

  1. Those who encourage outdoor activities or strive to preserve natural spaces and the environment (e.g. healthy disconnected alternatives to the web) or...
  2. Those that advocate for social justice and human rights issues related to technology and the internet, such as data privacy, surveillance, online harassment, fake news, and cybersecurity, to name a few.

Through researching the mission, audiences, and goals of these organizations students will have an opportunity to consider cultural issues around technology while developing skills related to the practice of web and application design and development. This combination of research and practice allows students to exercise the knowledge they have learned throughout their time at Davidson in a non-commercial setting, hopefully inspiring future alternatives that promote environment, sustainability, and justice.


Client: Davidson Lands Conservancy
Date: 2019
Credits: DIG 245 Critical Web Design students (fall 2018 and spring 2019)

This project was developed with support from the Center for Civic Engagement at Davidson College.