Exuberant Politics


March 6-April 8, 2014
Opening Receptions:
Legion Arts – March 6, 5-7 PM
1103 3rd St. SE, Cedar Rapids

Public Space One – March 7, 6-8 PM
120 N. Dubuque St., Iowa City

see websites for gallery hours

Exhibiting Artists – Legion Arts

Brandon Bauer (United States), Mark Cooley (United States), Priti Cox (United States), Liz Ensz (United States), David Fodel (United States), Ben Grosser (United States), Miguel Angel Hernandez (Mexico), Mahdyar Jamshidi (Iran), Wago Kreider (United States), Jane Lawson (United Kingdom), Fred Lonidier (United States), Kim Maher (United States), Timea Oravecz (Hungary), Brian Prugh (United States), Ali Reid (United States), Charles Roderick (United States), Alicja Rogalska (United Kingdom), Fabio Santacroce (Italy), SeedBroadcast (United States), Robert Spahr (United States), Joanna Tam (United States), Lieve Van Stappen (Belgium)

Exhibiting Artists – Public Space One

Esther Baker-Tarpaga and Windega Tarpaga (United States), Pedro Bustamente (Germany), Vivian Charlesworth and Alyson Ogasian (United States), Stephen Chen (Germany), Chris Collins (United States), English Disco Lovers (United Kingdom), Liz Ensz (United States), Jeremy Entwistle (United States), Paul Handley (New Zealand), Josh Hoeks (United States), Faith Holland (United States), Sam Holler (United States), Philip Mantione (United States), Owen Mundy (United States), Jessica Pleyel (United States), Blanca Rego (Spain), Vincent Romaniello (United States), Jennie Schankar (United States), Heath Schultz (United States), Levi Sherman (United States), SeedBroadcast (United States), Greg Thompson (United States), Margi Weir (United States)

Plus posters and reading materials by

Richard Bannister, Bluelab, Andy Cairns, House Magic Bureau, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Kazu Livingstone, Anna McIntyre, Feliz Mundo, Tea Popovic, Melissa Potter, Matt Taylor, John Vincent, Food for Free Thought, Gene Elder, Alou Randon, Andy Singer, and Elizabeth Tonnard.

Supported by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Perry A. and Helen Judy Bond Fund for Interdisciplinary Interaction, the Studio for Public Digital Arts and Humanities, the School of Art and Art History, the Obermann Center, and the Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry.