Brief Notes on Days One and Two at TRANSITIO_MX, by Eduardo Navas


“Anemophilous Formula for Computer Art, 2007, by Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy. One of my five selections. It consists of a wall projection of Tallahassee’s airport lounge, which hosts a wall size photographic reproduction of Mcklay Gardens. The city is often bombarded with pollen during the month of March. The airport lounge offers a reference of nature in an artificial space. Under the concept of non-places, which was my curatorial thematic, this work was placed in Centro Multimedia’s hallway where people constantly walked, to emphasize the use of the original image in a “non-place.””
—Eduardo Navas

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TRANSITIO_MX 03 New Media Art and Video Festival: Autonomies of Disagreement


The International Festival of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_mx is the most important platform in Mexico that expresses and analyses the contemporary practices of artistic creation with electronic media and digital culture. It has a biannual character and has three main activities: a symposium, an exhibition, a contest.

Curator’s Inauguration: * Dissent. Non places & Device Art * (first disagreement)

Artistas: Sabrina Raaf, Paul Ramírez Jonas, Carlos Rosas, Vicky Funari, Sergio De la Torre, Joelle Dietrick, Owen Mundy, Yuri Suzuki, Nova Jiang, Ariel Guzik y Gilberto Esparza.

Curaduría: Machiko Kusahara y Eduardo Navas

Activity: Muestra internacional

Venue: CENART/Galería Manuel Felguérez/Galería AB/Área de Camerinos