ListSearch tool launch

On many occasions over the past few years I’ve wished I knew of a tool that would allow me to search multiple items in a list in separate Google searches, without copying and pasting and submitting each item over and over and over. For example if I’m in a group exhibition and I want to see what work the other artists do. So, I finally took a few hours and created it. It’s called “list-search” and you can use it here and view the code here.

Keyword Intervention update and new search terms


Keyword Intervention is receiving lots of traffic this week from searches related to a television show called, yes, “Intervention.” All these great searches like “intervention nude“, “intervention cristy naked pics“, and “INTERVENTION CHRISTY NUDE” (all caps will somehow help your search?) have inspired me to update the layout and search engines it scrapes.

Map of this week’s searches.