Photography (Basic) NAVEDTRA 12700


I’m working on a new project to recreate a military portrait studio encountered during my previous life as a Navy photographer. In June 2010 I will install it in a solo exhibition at Holzhauer Gallery, Northwest Florida State College in Niceville, Florida, nestled neatly at the edge of Eglin Air Force Base, the “largest air base in the free world.” (quoted from a display at the nearby Air Force Armament Museum)

The project is inspired by rediscovering the Navy photo manual that was issued to me in April 1993 when I entered A-school at the Defense Photography School in Pensacola, FL. The inspiration for this project comes from chapter 7. There are also a lot of great illustrations and photographs including:

  • Page 5-2 has drawings of “photo techniques.”
  • Page 4-30 has an image (from a 4×5 view camera) of the school I went to.
  • Page 6-12 has an example of the old “grip and grin” ceremony.

More updates on the project will follow soon.