Material Afterlife: An Exhibition of Recycled Art


Opening Reception April 10, 6–9 PM
April 10–August 8

Material Afterlife explores the rich terrain developed by artists who address waste and need in society, are mindful of environmental cause and effect, and expand ideas of consumption through a cyclic approach of material use. This terrain has never been more fruitful than with the work of today’s artists. This exhibition will assert the growing relevance of artwork that examines environmental degradation, consumerism, personal value, and frugality, as well as celebrate the significance of recycling, sustainable methods, and thrift-store culture as medium and subject matter for artists.

Sculpture Key West 2009

Sculpture Key WestJanuary 18—April 18, 2009

January 18—April 18, 2009
West Martello Tower

March 1—April 18, 2009
Ft. Taylor State Park

Michael Berens, Liliana Crespi, Blane De St. Croix, Steven Durow and Jessica Cappiello, Cameron Gainer, Jamey Grimes, Julia Handschuh, Nathaniel Hein and Jennifer Gonzales, J. Susie Hwang, Thomas Lendvai, Norm Magnusson, Anja Marais, Jackson Martin, John Martini, Karen McCoy and Robert Carl, Lauren P. McAloon, Richard Medlock, Mary Mihelic, Owen Mundy and Joelle Dietrick, Lori Nozick, Ludwika Ogorzelec, Paige Pedri, Karlis Rekevics, Mike Ross, Nathalie Rozot, Diana Shpungin, Roy Staab, Andrea Stanislav, Dylan Terry and Cassidy Fry, Addison Walz, Stephan Weitzel

Sculpture Key West 2009 By Christina Kee