VideoChannel Cologne – Found Footage!

FFF – Found Footage Film collection
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

“Found footage is a filmmaking term which describes a method of compiling films partly or entirely of footage which has not been created
by the filmmaker, and changing its meaning by placing it in a new context. The term refers to the “found object” (objet trouvé) of art history.”

VAD – Video Art Database
VideoChannel Cologne – Found Footage!

Listed artists/directors:

Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
Borja Alexandre (Spain)
Michael Brynntrup (Germany)
Jon Keith Brunelle (USA)
Maria Canas (Spain)
Larry Caveney (USA)
Sebastian Clej (Romania)
John Criscitello (USA)
Dr. Boston (USA)
Bill Domokos (USA)
Angie Eng (USA)
Clint Enns (Canada)
Enrique Freaza (Spain)
Rajorshi Ghosh (USA)
Doron Golan (Israel)
Juan David Gonzalez Monroy (Colombia)
Grace Graupe-Pillard (USA)
Constantin Hartenstein (Germany)
Denise Hood (USA)
Leslie Huppert (Germany)
Andrea Huyoff (Germany)
Katrina Inagaki (USA)
Jeremiah Jones (USA)
Ellen Lake (USA)
Irad Lee (Israel)
Fumiko Matsuyama (Japan)
Alistair McClymont (UK)
Davor Sanvicenti (Croatia)
Alexander Mouton (USA)
Owen Mundy (USA)
Toban Nicols (USA)
Jonas Nilsson (SWE)
Jun Ho Oh (South Korea)
Renata Padovan (Brazil)
Lobo Pasolini (Brazil)
Johanna Reich (Germany)
Joao Ricardo (Portugal)
Jasper Rigole (Belgium)
Joshua Rosenstock (USA)
Benjamin Rosenthal (USA)
Anthony Rousseau (France)
Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa (USA)
Jennifer Schwed (USA)
Ran Slavin (Israel)
Dennis Summers (USA)
Sonja Vuk (Croatia)
Philip Widmann (Germany)
James Woodward (USA)
Andreas Zingerle (Austria)

Exchange Radical Moments!

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Joelle Dietrick and I have been selected to participate in the upcoming Europe-wide Art Festival Exchange Radical Moments! Organized by Austrian collective, Die Fabrikanten, the festival includes interdisciplinary projects exploring the nature of contemporary Europe and will culminate on 11.11.2011 as a moment of simultaneous fruition. Featured participants include Gabriela Gerber and Lukas BardillScott Bunham and Juliane Stiegele. Download the promotional magazine here.

Joelle and I will be generating a project based on The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn, a redux if you will. More soon…

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Keyword Intervention update and new search terms


Keyword Intervention is receiving lots of traffic this week from searches related to a television show called, yes, “Intervention.” All these great searches like “intervention nude“, “intervention cristy naked pics“, and “INTERVENTION CHRISTY NUDE” (all caps will somehow help your search?) have inspired me to update the layout and search engines it scrapes.

Map of this week’s searches.

Brief Notes on Days One and Two at TRANSITIO_MX, by Eduardo Navas


“Anemophilous Formula for Computer Art, 2007, by Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy. One of my five selections. It consists of a wall projection of Tallahassee’s airport lounge, which hosts a wall size photographic reproduction of Mcklay Gardens. The city is often bombarded with pollen during the month of March. The airport lounge offers a reference of nature in an artificial space. Under the concept of non-places, which was my curatorial thematic, this work was placed in Centro Multimedia’s hallway where people constantly walked, to emphasize the use of the original image in a “non-place.””
—Eduardo Navas

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TRANSITIO_MX 03 New Media Art and Video Festival: Autonomies of Disagreement


The International Festival of Electronic Arts and Video Transitio_mx is the most important platform in Mexico that expresses and analyses the contemporary practices of artistic creation with electronic media and digital culture. It has a biannual character and has three main activities: a symposium, an exhibition, a contest.

Curator’s Inauguration: * Dissent. Non places & Device Art * (first disagreement)

Artistas: Sabrina Raaf, Paul Ramírez Jonas, Carlos Rosas, Vicky Funari, Sergio De la Torre, Joelle Dietrick, Owen Mundy, Yuri Suzuki, Nova Jiang, Ariel Guzik y Gilberto Esparza.

Curaduría: Machiko Kusahara y Eduardo Navas

Activity: Muestra internacional

Venue: CENART/Galería Manuel Felguérez/Galería AB/Área de Camerinos

Subversive Correspondence

The Darkest Hour
Owen Mundy and Joelle Dietrick, The Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn, installation view, York, AL, 2006

A touring exhibition at Broadwalk Arts, Bristol then at The Willesden Gallery, London includes national and international artists and writers exploring the notion of connectivity, correspondence and dialogue entailing a subversive perspective to the theme.

Exhibition Details

Subversive Correspondence #1 Broadwalk Arts, Bristol, BS4 2QU.
Monday 20th July – Thursday 23rd July 2009

Subversive Correspondence #2
The Gallery at Willesden Green, 95 High Road, Willesden, London, NW10 2SF.
Wednesday 19th August- Wednesday 2nd September 2009
Private View 19th August 6-9pm

Curator: Diana Ali


The interpretations encounter political statements or disperse cultural observations; correspondence that is not immediate but perhaps depends on the contingencies of travel. Subversive systems of posting and collecting dialogue create the emergence of new narratives that are shared and reacted upon through hybrid texts, images and temporary ownership. Show cased as a touring exhibition at Broadwalk Arts, Bristol then at The Willesden Gallery, London, the works continue to explore language, visual interchange and systematic dialogues.

Alice Bradshaw
Aman Tadevosyan
Colin Andrews
Guy Bigland
Jacqueline Bradley
Johannes Gerard
Katie Watters
Kevin Timmins
Louise Tett
Mary Elizabeth Hubbard
Mary Rachel Fanning
Osvaldo Cibils
Owen Mundy and Joelle Dietrick
Ozzy Yorulmaz
Rachel Marsden
Robin Boothroyd
Sibyll Kalff
Tushar Waghela
Ziggy Evitts

Activate: MK Foltz, Steven Gagnon, Owen Mundy



Activate: MK Foltz, Steven Gagnon, Owen Mundy
June 6-July 24, 2009

Opening reception: June 6, 4-7 PM
Pabst Visitor Center & Gallery, Atlantic Center for the Arts
1414 Art Center Avenue, New Smyrna Beach

Gallery hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM
Information: 386.427.6975

Free/Public Invited